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New Alaskan Enterprise Provides Maritime Documentation Services


Alaska Maritime Documentation, Inc., headquartered in Juneau, AK, is the only marine documentation service to be located in Alaska.  Melanie Burns, owner of Alaska Maritime Documentation, started her documentation service business in January of 2011. 

Burns, who has extensive experience in commercial fishing, charter operations, vessel brokerage, and vessel documentation, saw a need for an Alaska based documentation service to meet the needs of lenders and commercial and pleasure vessel buyers and sellers located in Alaska. 

Vessel documentation is one of the oldest functions of the United States government, dating back to the 11th Act of the First Congress.  Documentation is a national form of registration to provide proof of ownership for vessels.  Most commercial vessels are required to be documented by the United States Coast Guard to engage in trade, such as fishing.  Most lending institutions require vessel documentation to enable them to record a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage.

Alaska Maritime Documentation, Inc specializes in marine documentation for all needs.  They conduct third party closings when a vessel is sold; transfer of funds through trust accounts to ensure protection for all parties; provide initial documentation for new vessels; assist in the transfer of ownership when a vessel is sold; draft bills of sale; assist lenders, buyers, and sellers with vessel loan documentation; assign preferred ship’s mortgages; search and review abstracts of titles; and help vessel owners in establishing hailing ports and name changes.  They also can assist in re-financing; clouded title resolution; lien filings and satisfactions; and deletion from documentation. Much of the work is done via fax and email making it very fast and convenient for all parties.

Despite being Alaskan based, Burns works with Alaska and Pacific Northwest based boat brokers, dealers and numerous banks and credit unions.  Burns notes, “Brokers, lenders, and vessel owners welcome an Alaskan based documentation service because it makes facilitating vessel sales and financing much easier.  They also like doing business with an Alaskan based business.”

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