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Mayor Sullivan Supports Governor Parnell


On July 13, 2012, Governor Parnell and Attorney General Michael Geraghty filed suit against the Secretary of State, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard, and others to block federal agencies from extending the North American Emissions Control Area (ECA) to Alaska.
If this regulation passes, it will mandate marine vessels traveling off the coast of Alaska to use low-sulfur fuel, which is more expensive and difficult to obtain. The ECA will be enforced on Alaskan waters beginning August 1, 2012.

"The ECA mandate for vessels sailing on Alaskan waters will directly effect the Port of Anchorage users, and ultimately additional expenses will be passed on to Alaskan consumers," Mayor Dan Sullivan said. "The city of Anchorage and the entire state will experience an economic burden if the federal agencies succeed."

The entire state relies heavily on marine shipments through the Port of Anchorage. Food, aviation fuel, building materials and household items come to the port by marine vessels. Cruise ships also travel to Anchorage with nearly 2000 passengers every two weeks.
“I’m encouraged by Governor Parnell’s decision and I support him,” Sullivan said.

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