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Doyon Ut¡lit¡es to Open Alaska's First Landfill Gas Power Generation Plant


The Anchorage area willfind itself with another renewable energy source with the activation next week
of Doyon Utilities'landfill gas plant at the Anchorage Regional Landfill and Joint Base Elmendorf-
Richardson (JBER).

Doyon Utilities President Dan Gavora will be joined by Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan and JBER's Colonel
Brian Duffy for Tuesday's ceremonial start that marks the culmination of an alternative energy project
that began in 2004 with an economic analysis commissioned by the city's Department of Solid Waste
Services, The $26 million project was awarded to Doyon Utilities by the Anchorage assembly in 2011'
and was completed this summer with the aid of a $2 million construction grant by the Alaska Energy
Authority. Doyon Utilities owns and operates the twelve utility systems on Fort Richardson, Fort Greely,
and Fort Wainwright under the Army's largest utilities privatization contract.

The JBER landfill gas plant uses methane gas created by waste decomposition at the landfill. The gas is
first processed to remove contaminates, then travels along a 6000' pipeline to the power generating
plant located on JBER, where it powers four General Electric Jenbacher JGS 420 generators, each
capable of producing 1-.4 megawatts of electricity. The combined 5,6 megawatts of power is expected
to provide up to 80% of JBER-Richardson's summer requirements and about 55% of the power
requirements in winter. The generators can also operate on natural gas, and are interconnected to a
natural gas source for emergency power generation should landfill gas service be interrupted, providing
JBER additional reliability and stability of this power source,

Landfillgas is currently being flared by the Municipality as required by EPA guidelines; the landfill-gas-to
energy project ensures that environmental health and safety expectations are met, but instead of
wasting this potential energy, the energy is put to use, offsetting commodity supply pressures in the
greater Anchorage area. Under this project, the Municipality will collect over $51 million in revenues
from the sale of its landfill gas fuel supply and project-related property tax revenues over the 20 year
term of the contract. The State achieves renewable energy goals established under its renewable
energy grant program. The federalgovernment will obtain electricity at a lower cost, with an estimated
savings of $32 million over the 20 year period, and JBER will exceed its federally mandated goals for
renewable energy. The project is expected to be economically viable in the first year of energy

The JBER Landfill Gas Power Plant is the first of its kind in Alaska, and joins over 650 operational plants
similar to it in 45 other states.

The ceremonial start of the power generation plant is set to begin at l-L:00AM Tuesday, 31July at the
plant's site adjacent to the Anchorage Regional Landfill,
For more information, contact Tim Jones at (907) 455-1500 or tiones@dovonutilities,com.

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