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An Alaska Construction Company Hits a New Milestone on the North Slope


Anchorage, Alaska—NANA Construction, LLC recently turned over its first, full-service camp to new owners in Deadhorse. The camp was manufactured at NANA Construction’s Big Lake fabrication facility where it took about 10 weeks to complete. The camp sleeps 58 people and includes kitchen, dining and recreation facilities for up to 150. The camp, built for oil field service company MagTec Alaska, is made up of 31 modules that were each trucked up to the North Slope and assembled on site.

PHOTO: NANA Construction LLC

NANA Construction LLC's first full-service camp delivered to Deadhorse after proudction at the Big Lake facility.

A NANA Development Corporation (NDC) company, NANA Construction was formed nearly four years ago. Its Big Lake facility primarily builds large-scale process and control modules for the oil, gas and mining industries. This camp is the first of its kind for the company.

“Two years ago we saw an opportunity to expand our facilities to enter the camp fabrication business,” said C.O. Green, NANA Construction Vice President and General Manager. “The market was underserved. We moved fast, investing in new capabilities, and now our vision has become a reality. This camp is just the tip of the iceberg for our business, and it’s really exciting.”

Building the large modules at Big Lake instead of Anchorage saves customers time and money since they don’t require the extra oversize load or “Hours of Darkness” permits needed for transportation between Anchorage and Wasilla.

“The location of NANA Construction’s fabrication shop greatly reduced our costs and played a large factor in the bid selection,” said Roger Wilson, MagTec Alaska’s North Slope Operations Manager. “There were two sets of transportation numbers and the Big Lake departure point changed that number dramatically from the other bidders.”

The oil sector has been a very important customer for NDC for more than 30 years.

“We knew to continue serving the industry we needed to invest in new capabilities. We see a long future ahead of us with our expanded facilities,” said Luke Sampson, NDC Board Chairman.

NANA Construction also chose the Big Lake area because of the Valley’s available work force and has added a training facility to the campus that will open later this month.

“NANA Construction is also committed to growing Alaska’s work force and our new training facility is a great opportunity to educate our shareholders for good-paying, skilled jobs,” said NDC President Helvi Sandvik.

NANA Construction is already at work on its next order – a camp that will house 82 workers. The company is capable of building up to six large to medium scale, full-service camps each year.

NDC is the business arm of NANA Regional Corporation with operations in nine countries on four continents and in 44 states.

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