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House Majority E-News for April 29, 2011 ANS Crude: $111.02 Henry Hub: $4.28



House and Senate Committee Announcements

Twenty-Sixth Alaska State Legislature - Interim

Published by the Chief Clerk's Office - 465-3725

Americans with Disabilities Act Notice - Persons with disabilities
who require special accommodation or alternative communication formats
to access committee meetings may contact the appropriate committee
office or the Legislative Information Office in their community.
Reasonable advance notice is needed to accommodate the request. For
further information, call the ADA Coordinator at 465-3854
Voice/465-4980 TDD.

 * first hearing in first committee of referral

 + teleconferenced

 = bill was previously heard/scheduled



Jul 07 Thursday Kotzebue 8:30 AM

 Location: Northwest Arctic Borough Assembly Chambers

 + Arctic Resource Development Presenters:

 8:30 am - Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment:

 Mike Sfraga, UAF Vice-Chancellor

 9:00 am - Shell on Arctic Offshore Development

 Plans: Colleen McCarthy & Wayne Leighty

 9:30 am - Subsistence Mapping: Tom Okleasik,

 Planning Director, Northwest Arctic Borough

 10:15 am - Oil Spill Response Capabilities &

 Cooperative Agreements w/ Other Arctic Nations:

 Larry Dietrick, Dir., Spill Prev. & Response, DEC

 & Captain Adam Shaw, US Coast Guard 

 **Lunch break from 11:30 am-1 pm**

 1:15 pm - PEW Environment Group: Marilyn Heiman 

 Dir., PEW Environment Group, US Arctic Program

 2:00 pm - Lessons Learned Deep Water Horizon:

 Fran Ulmer, Chair, US Arctic Research Commission

 3:30 pm - ANWTF Presentation: Rep. Joule

 -- Public Testimony to follow -- 

 -- Hearings live at www.alaskalegislature.tv --

Jul 08 Friday Nome 9:00 AM

 Location: Old St. Joes

 + Arctic Infrastructure & Research Presenters:

 9:00 am - Nome Update: Mayor Denise Michels

 9:30 am - Possible Future Deep Water Port Sites

 in the Northern Region: Michael Lukshin, DOT &

 Stephen Boardman, US Army Corps of Engineers

 10:45 am - Bering Straits Port Access & Route

 Study: Captain Adam Shaw, US Coast Guard

 11:15 am - Land Conservation Cooperation Project:

 Polly Wheeler, US Fish and Wildlife Service

 **Lunch break from 11:45 am-1 pm**

 1:00 pm - Vessel Tracking in the Arctic: Ed Page,

 Executive Director, Marine Exchange of Alaska

 1:30 pm - Navigational Search and Rescue Aides

 for the Arctic: Captain Adam Shaw, US Coast Guard

 2:00 pm - Arctic Research: Dr. Kathleen Crane,

 NOAA Co-chair, Arctic Council's Circumpolar

 Biodiversity Marine Monitoring Program, CAFF

 2:45 pm - Presentation: Jimmy Stotts, President,

 Inuit Circumpolar Council

 3:30 pm - ANWTF Presentation: Rep. Joule

 -- Public Testimony to follow --

 -- Hearings live at www.alaskalegislature.tv --

Aug 24 Wednesday Unalaska 8:00 AM

 Location: Aurora Hotel

 Topics: Fishing & Shipping



Jul 12 Tuesday Anch LIO Rm 220 9:00 AM

 + Approval of Agenda and Minutes

 Public Comment

 Chair/Staff Report

 Participation in Charity Event 

 - Shoot for the Cure

 Recap of Meeting with APOC

 Rules of Procedure - Suggested changes

 Marston & Cole Legal Counsel Contract for FY12


 2011 Legislation Update

 Executive Session: House Subcommittee

 Executive Session: Senate Subcommittee

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