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Alaska Conservation Voters releases 2011 Legislative Report


Sen. Wielechowski and Rep. Seaton named Legislators of the Year for 2011

Anchorage- Alaska Conservation Voters (Voters) is pleased to announce the release of their 2011 Legislative Report.  Each year Voters recognizes legislators who advocate for responsible pro-conservation legislation that allows Alaska to prosper economically while maintaining a healthy environment.

Sen. Bill Wielechowski (D-Anchorage) and Rep. Paul Seaton (R-Homer) were selected as the Legislators of the year.  Sen. Wielechowski continues to be a strong advocate for responsible development and conservation issues in Juneau.  He is a leader on clean energy issues and was instrumental in securing funding for energy efficiency projects for businesses, churches and non-profits across the state.  Rep. Paul Seaton continues to work on a variety of conservation issues including mining tax reform, water quality standards, and community bicycling projects.  In addition, Representative Seaton was a key leader in the effort to extend and improve the Alaska Coastal Management Program, an effort that unfortunately failed.  The 2011 Legislative Report gives a more in-depth look at both of these legislators.

The 2011 Legislative Report also includes information about conservation bills, conservation bill patrons and Voters’ priorities during the past legislative session; Energy Efficiency, the Alaska Coastal Zone Management Program, and Toxics Exposure Phase-Out. Even though this was the first year of this legislative session, Voters, working with numerous allies in the legislature and across the state, was able to secure energy efficiency funding for Alaskan businesses and non-profits.

“Good conservation policy is driven by leadership that shares Alaskans’ conservation values. We are pleased that we were able to recognize so many pro-conservation legislators and bills in this year’s report.  Unfortunately a few legislators supported bills and projects that will move Alaska away from the future we envision.  Alaska Conservation Voters is committed to holding our public officials accountable for decisions that harm our natural resources and the health of all Alaskans,’ said Mike Coumbe, Interim Executive Director of Alaska Conservation Voters.

To view the Alaska Conservation Voters 2011 Legislative Report, go to: http://acvoters.org/features/2011-legislative-scorecard


Alaska Conservation Voters, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, is the political voice of the Alaska conservation community.  We advocate for sound conservation policies that ensure a healthy environment and prosperous economy for this and future generations. Alaska Conservation Voters helps to identify, recruit, train, and support pro-conservation candidates for office, and continues to work with these decision makers on conservation issues.
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