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Welcome To GFC-Connect.Com


Your Professional Supply Chain Sourcing Solution

Anchorage, Alaska - July 2010 - Global Food Collaborative, LLC, launched it's on-line sourcing solution for commercial buyers of food, beverage and agri-products - GFC-Connect.Com.  Catering to what and how commercial buyers source, the on-line system confidentially connects qualified buyers and independent suppliers and their supply chain partners.  

Why now? Why Global Food Collaborative, LLC.? As the supply chain has become more complex due to issues of food safety, traceability, sustainability and carbon footprint, it has become more challenging for commercial buyers to source with confidence.   Simultaneously, independent suppliers are spending precious resources of time and money trying to get in front of exactly the right buyer for their product, company capacity and location.  Supply chain solutions of packaging, transport, distribution, certifications, financing are radically changing the way the industry does business.    GFC-Connect.Com offers an immediate, direct and confidential way for buyers, sellers and supply chain partners to connect to do business.

GFC-Connect.Com simply reduces costs of time and money for qualified buyers, sellers and supply chain partners to do business in a local and global market.
For The Purveyor

BuyerGFC-Connect was designed to cater to the purveyor of food, beverage and agri-products. We wanted to make your job easier to source new products and locate new suppliers that meet YOUR specifications. 

We qualify and confidentially connect buyers, independent suppliers and supply chain partners based upon your criteria.

Looking for the next new thing? Interested in a private label product? A sustainable seafood source?  How about a perishables distribution solution? Looking to differentiate yourself with a new product? Be our guest.  Confidentially register at no charge and with no commitment. Once you register - GFC-Connect becomes your sourcing support 24/7/365. Sign up on-line at www.gfc-connect.com. For The Independent Supplier

ProcessingGFC-Connect.com is a buyer focused website. Our mission is to bring your products and capabilities directly to the buyer 24/7/365. Once you register, your company information and capabilities will be in front of pre-qualified commercial buyers that are best matched to your business capacity, distribution, certifications, location and more.

How much time and money did you spend last year trying to reach exactly the right buyer?  GFC-Connect was developed to fast track you to commercial buyers who are well matched to what you can produce.   And how about being part of the buyers long term solution by staying in their loop as they specify new products for next season or next year?

Sustainable business is about keeping up with market trends and fluctuations and GFC-Connect opens a direct communications channel between buyer and seller. We pre-qualify the buyer's. Rest assured when a buyer contacts you they are the real deal. GFC is about making the right connections. Suppliers Sign-Up Here.

For The Supply Chain Partner

AirplaneYou are integral to the supply chain, but how do you best reach the targeted audience of buyers and sellers who need your services?

By qualifying both buyers and sellers, we know that members of Global Food Collaborative, using GFC-Connect are healthy and growing businesses - ripe for innovative supply chain solutions.  Beyond being profiled right along side of commercial buyers and suppliers, you will be in the loop as commercial buyers specify products and services helping to create optimum supply chain solutions. Supply Chain Partners Sign Up Here.

Nailed it!  June 2010

Purveyor sources Alaska wild salmon finished product for national retail grocery...... Caterer finds local sourcing and event through food solutions.....  Regional tour operator connects for sourcing solution, differentiating their menu using regional specialty items.... Regional retail gift store sources brand newly produced food direct from farmer....Supply chain partner offers independent supplier staffing solution.  

gfconnect Save 30% Attention: Independent Suppliers And Supply Chain Partners
Sign up early and save 30% on your annual registration.

Who Qualifies As Independent Suppliers? Farmers, Ranchers, Fishermen, Direct Harvesters, Growers and Manufacturers of food, beverage and bio products. (Full Year Registration $750, with Discount Code $525)

Who Qualifies As Supply Chain Partners? Those who support optimum supply chains in packaging, transport, financing, certification, tracking, communications, manufacturing technologies, nutritional analysis, labeling, testing, facility design, research and development and more. (Full Year Registration $1000, with Discount Code $700)
Offer Expires: August 15, 2010 Discount Code: Summer

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