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The Alaska Republic Oil and Gas Co-Op Heikes Initiative


Formation of the Alaska Republic Oil and Gas Co-Op

This expressed idea will form an Alaskan company where the legal residents of Alaska will be the shareholders in the production and distribution of Alaska's in kind revenue oil and coal to be refined and used in the State of Alaska. This Initiative will authorize the use of approximately $3.5 billion dollars of the permanent fund to purchase the Flint Hills refinery in Fairbanks, the Tesoro refinery in Kenai, and build a new 140,000 barrels per day refinery in or near Glenallen; plus build a coal to fuels plant in or near Nenana, and in the Kenai Peninsula. Along with the refineries and coal to fuels plants, each site will have 50 megawatt electrical co-generation plant that will be built on site at the refineries and given to the local utilities. This will help in lowering the electrical cost in Alaska, and be a benefit to the local citizens.

This Incentive will give the Alaskan people access to a stable market price for their oil and gas needs. The price for fuel will be set at $1.00 a gallon for premium gas and diesel fuel.

Each Alaskan resident will own one share of stock, that cannot be sold or traded and will hold for their lifetime. A second permanent fund will be set up and a second dividend will be paid out. When a shareholder dies the share will go in the regular permanent fund.

How it will work
We will contract out to an independent oil field services company to maintain and process the oil and coal, and will pay them cost plus 10%. We will build and maintain the field and camp services and provide for distribution thru independent contractors. The only State involvement will be the accounting on expenditures; all other services will be on a bid only basis. There will be no State employees in the processing and production or distribution of theses fuels.

"There once was an idea, which became a dream and when the people strove to make it a reality, it became the Declaration of Independence."

Gerald L. Heikes
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