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House Majority E-News for July 12, 2010 ANS Crude: $75.30 Henry Hub: $4.43


House Judiciary Committee Convenes to Discuss Meth

(Fairbanks) - The Alaska State House Judiciary Committee will hold a
hearing on Wednesday, July 14, to examine the status of
methamphetamine manufacture and import in Alaska. House Bill 149 was
signed into law in 2006 to combat the scourge of methamphetamine in
Alaska. Testimony will be taken from the Departments of Public Safety,
Corrections, Health & Social Services, and the Alaska Court System
regarding an update in the effect of this law.

"This state is in an uphill battle against the scourge of meth use,"
Ramras said. "It affects Alaskans and their children from all walks of
life, whether in the cities or in the villages. HB 149 was a huge step
in protecting Alaskans. However, we need to work with the departments
tasked to handle the problem to see what more we can do to keep meth
off the streets and out of the lives of Alaskans."

Who: House Judiciary Committee Meeting

What: Topic: Effects of Methamphetamine Legislation Passed in 2006

When: Wednesday, July 14, 1:00 p.m.

Where: Anchorage Legislative Information Office, Room 220

The full text of this release can be found below:

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