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Connect Alaska


Help us build a comprehensive database of Internet connectivity at Community Anchor Institutions in Alaska

The State of Alaska has commissioned Connect Alaska (www.connectak.org) to create a detailed, interactive map of broadband coverage across the state.  This map will provide an inventory of broadband capacity across the state, including at Community Anchor Institutions (CAI).  Such information is essential to develop strategies aimed at increasing broadband availability and use across Alaska.

Connect Alaska is building a comprehensive database of available broadband capacity at Community Anchor Institutions like yours and requests your help by completing a simple and secure online survey on the Connect Alaska website. You’ll be asked information such as:

  • Institution name, address, and phone number;

  • Type of Community Anchor Institution you represent;

  • What (if any) type of broadband access is available, either to staff or the general public;

  • The survey also includes a simple, quick online tool to measure the actual speeds of your   online connection.

Survey Link: http://connectak.org/mapping/Community_Anchor_Institution_Data_Collection.php

Password: CAI_AK_5852

Deadline: Monday, August 10th

We are seeking this information across the state from the following types of Community Anchor Institutions:

  1. Schools: K-12 schools, including both private and public;

  2. Libraries: Private and public;

  3. Medical/Healthcare: Hospitals and emergency care units or clinics;

  4. Public Safety Facilities: Police (state and local), sheriff offices, fire stations, emergency medical services, 911 centers (if different from police), and correctional institutions;

  5. Higher-Education: Universities, colleges, and community colleges.

6. Other community support – government: Local government offices (town halls, city   management departments, other), courthouses (county, state, or federal), district attorney offices, federal             facilities;

7. Other community support – nongovernmental: Any community organization that does not fall within this category but is important to the state.

We understand that you are very busy and thank you in advance for your time assisting us with this important state initiative. This information will be essential to develop sound state policy aimed to expand Community Anchor Institutions’ access to online resources

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