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Road trip to Valdez (#5)
Video, video and more video (#7, #8, #9)

Busy! Summer's here and it's light all night. And sure--like most Alaskans, I have no problem starting a new project early in the afternoon. Say--10:30pm. Then, HEAVENS, I'm surprised to look up as the sun is going down and it's, oh, 1:45am. Y-a-w-n. So, let's do the 1-2-3 so I can take a nap!


Before I forget, I had a nice visit with some airline geeks from Flyertalk.com . Nick Kralev of ontheflyseminars.com came up to do a seminar on paying less and flying more. I sat in at the Sheraton last night and learned some great tricks. We'l review them in future editions. In the meantime, check out this cool page from Fare Compare. Type in your city at the top.  It will find some of the cheapest rates around--perfect for a mileage hound like me.


1. Walking with Dinosaurs. The kids will love this. Fly in to Anchorage on Era and save 25 percent.


2. Save $20 on the Seattle TourSaver. This book keeps getting better and better (just like the Alaska book!).

3. See Denali for $99 per day. This is a great way to see the Great One from two sides!


4. I'm feeling so ANDROID-y. Pre-order the next kewl phone from GCI. It's free with a 2-year contract!


5. Valdez Road Trip. Okay okay. I just can't SHADDUP about it. Great time was had by all! GREAT PICS!!


6. Low fare roundup. What's not to love about cheap fares? HA!


7. VIDEO: Sailing on Alaska's Marine Highway. Plus, V-I-P Bridge Tour! Can I drive? HA!


8. VIDEO: Tasting wonderful French wine with my new best friends at Domaine Rouge-Bleu.


9. VIDEO: Alaska Botanical Garden. Just singin' in the rain. Guest appearances by Jeff Lowenfels and Erin Kirkland. G-r-e-a-t fun!



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