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Alaska State Chamber of Commerce E-News - July 14, 2010


Opportunity for Alaska High School Students to Gain Advantage in Pursuit of Future Endeavors

The Alaska State Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Alaska Business Week program for Alaska high school students who want to advance their leadership skills and discover their strengths in a weeklong summer program to be held at the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus August 8-14. 

Modeled after the very successful and long-running Washington Business Week program, this weeklong discovery-learning program is a hands-on leadership training experience specifically designed for high school students.  Whether a student knows what they will be doing after high school or is still considering all their options, this program increases the student's awareness of their skills and capabilities.  The magic of this program is the direct involvement of business leaders who mentor the student companies and lead them to a winning strategy.

Working with business leaders and competing with other companies, students gain hands-on management skills as they strategize their production, marketing and finance decisions, as well as respond to issues pertaining to personnel, the environment and corporate responsibility.  This program transforms students as they gain confidence in themselves when facing real life business challenges.  At the end of the week, students defend their companies in front of a panel of business leaders, and they produce a product or service to be presented to potential 'stockholders' for investment purposes.

Jamie Rappoport, a recent graduate of Issaquah High School, was a camper at Washington Business Week (WBW) last summer.  She had a fun experience and discovered she was very intrigued with business.  This discovery came at the right time!  A few months after the WBW program concluded, she began applying to some of the top business schools in the country.  She never imagined she would end up at the college with the nation's number one entrepreneurship program.  Ms. Rappoport was accepted and will start classes in September at Babson College a tiny college just outside of Boston, where the only major offered is Business. 

"What I know I will love most about the school is the fact that all freshmen students are required to take a course called "Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship."  This course not only teaches students how to start up and run their own business, but in addition the school splits the students up into groups of thirty and gives each group $3,000 in real money to start a REAL business.  All profits made by the companies are donated to a charity of their choice at the end of the school year.

"If it weren't for business week I would have never discovered my passion for business.  I would have also never realized how much I enjoyed learning in a "hands on" manner, if it weren't for BizSim.  BizSim was truly the experience I needed to know a school like Babson College would be perfect for me!"

"I just wanted to share my excitement for business with you.  I also want to thank you for helping run such an amazing program... one of the only summer camps that provides campers with inspiration and helps shape or even determine their future."

"Hopefully my education will pay off, and one day I will be able to make a decent income, so I can give back time and money to Business Week!"

The application deadline is July 31.  Due to the generous contributions of the Alaska Business Week inaugural sponsors, a reduced tuition for the weeklong program is $325, which includes housing, food, program materials and activity fees. Sponsors include Tesoro Alaska, BP Exploration Alaska, Icicle Seafoods, State Farm, the Alaska Credit Union League, Era Alaska, Totem Ocean Trailer Express (TOTE), the Alaska Railroad Corporation, Aadlandflint, Alaska Airlines, and Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA).  Scholarships are available.

For those students coming from outside Anchorage, Era Alaska is providing 20 round-trip tickets to qualifying students from served communities on their route, and a 25% discount for participants who might not apply in time for the free tickets. 

For Anchorage area students, the Alaska Railroad is offering free round-trip transportation from Anchorage to assist students traveling to the Alaska Business Week program in Fairbanks.  The train leaves Anchorage August 7 and returns August 14.

Many scholarships are available for students, and applying for them is as easy as filling out the application available on-line at www.alaskachamber.com

Register for RDC's 35th Annual Meeting Luncheon:

Our New Energy Reality: Challenges and Opportunities

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Dena'ina Convention Center
Anchorage, Alaska
Noon (Doors open at 11:15 am)

Cost is $40 for RDC Members, $50 for Non-Members.

Luncheon Presentation Featuring: Karen Harbert, President & Chief Executive Officer, Institute for 21st Century Energy,
Washington, D.C.

To register for this event, please visit:


While registering, please take note of our generous sponsors.  Sponsors are entitled to a table at this event.  Therefore, if your company is a sponsor, you may already be entitled to a seat.  Please contact RDC Staff at 276-0700 prior to registering on-line if you need to confirm.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available.  For a list of our sponsors and a sponsorship packet, please visit: http://www.akrdc.org/membership/events/annualmeeting/2010/

August 7th Alaska Renewable Energy Fair

The 6th annual Alaska Renewable Energy Fair is coming up on August 7th, from 11am - 9pm on the Anchorage Park Strip at 9th and L Street.  This FREE event will feature great live music, food, activities for kids, workshops on Alaska's renewable energy resources and energy efficiency and much more.  More info is available at www.REalaska.org or call 929-7770.  The event is sponsored by REAP: Renewable Energy Alaska Project.

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