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Young Announces Funding For Alaska In Military Construction And Veterans Affairs Appropriations


Washington, D.C. - Alaskan Congressman Don Young is pleased to announce projects of interest to Alaska in H.R. 3082, the 2010 Military Construction and Veterans' Affairs Appropriations Act which passed the House today. Rep. Young voted yes on this bill. H.R. 3082 will appropriate $77.9 billion in FY2010. It also appropriates $48.2 billion for the VA in 2011. This funding will be used for medical services, medical support and medical facilities and allow the VA sufficient time to plan and evaluate the upcoming year's budget. Rep. Young is a cosponsor of H.R. 1016, which authorized this advanced funding and which passed the House June 23, 2009.

· $6,100,000 for an Airborne Sustainment Training Complex at Fort Richardson

· $2,050,000 for a Training Aids Center at Fort Richardson

· $43,000,000 for a Warrior in Transition Complex at Fort Richardson

· $3,518,000 for a health clinic at Fort Richardson

· $95,000,000 for an Aviation Task Force Complex, Phase 1 at Fort Wainwright

· $19,000,000 for an Aviation Unit Operations Complex at Fort Wainwright

· $26,000,000 for a Railhead Complex at Fort Wainwright

· $28,000,000 Warrior in Transition Complex at Fort Wainwright

· $24,300,000 for a Power Plant Facility at Clear Air Force Station

· $12,600,000 for a F-22 Weapons Load Training Facility at Elmendorf Air Force Base

· $3,100,000 for a Red Flag Alaska Add/Alter Operations Center at Elmendorf Air Force Base

· $25,017,000 for a Aeromedical Services/Mental Health Clinic at Elmendorf Air Force Base

Along with the funding for FY2011, this bill provides $34.7 billion for VA medical services, including $4.6 billion for mental health care, $3.2 billion for homeless veterans and $440 million to improve access for rural veterans. H.R. 3082 also includes $6.8 billion for new medical facilities and maintenance of current facilities.

Additionally this bill contains language allowing rural Alaskan veterans to receive service at Indian Health Care facilities.

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