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January 2016

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Next Generation Career Planning

For individuals planning to enter the workplace, it’s important to be aware of what’s going on in a business community. While some skills and work traits are universal and timeless—communication, critical thinking, punctuality—others come and go with changing business priorities, cultures, and technology.

Teen Entrepreneurs

Starting businesses isn’t how most people spend their teenage years, but for some Alaskan teens, businesses they started in middle school and high school are continuing to grow and thrive.

Alaska’s Economy

In this article we review recent trends in Alaska’s economy and the economic outlook for the near-term and longer-term future. We begin with a brief description of the structure of Alaska’s economy and key factors that drive it.

Launch : Alaska Accelerator

Alaskans have always had a knack for self-sufficiency, and that includes launching their own business ventures. Economists agree, however, that diversifying the state’s economy will be a heavy lift. New businesses with the potential to scale up quickly could be at least part of the solution, creating new jobs and spurring new industries in fields like energy and unmanned aircraft.

Imagining a Happy New Year

The Best Way to Handle Layoffs

One of the hardest things anyone can go through and that any organization has to do is to let go of people. It is called many things: “downsizing,” “right-sizing,” “streamlining,” “layoffs,” and so on, but in every case someone loses their job.

Pile Driving Underwater Noise Attenuation

The 2015 Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators Conference took place in October at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage. One of the presentations on the second day of the conference was about the Port of Anchorage Modernization Project, given by Lon Elledge, Program Manager for the CH2M Project Management Consultant team.

Interior Alaska Energy

The year was 1976. The United States celebrated its Bicentennial. The two-dollar bill was introduced. Jimmy Carter was elected president. Gasoline cost fifty-nine cents per gallon and Congress passed the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act, an effort to build a natural gas pipeline from the Prudhoe Bay to the Lower 48.

Training Plumbers, Steamfitters, and Pipefitters

Nearly 23 percent of people who work in Alaska are part of a union, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Alaska has the second-highest percentage of union workers in the nation, behind only New York.
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