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Usibelli Coal Mine Reports One Calendar Year Accident Free Record


Usibelli Coal Mine, Inc. (UCM) in Healy, Alaska, has achieved one calendar year safety record for 2013. In fact, the more than 120 employees at UCM have achieved in excess of 530 continuous days without a Lost Time accident.

Alan Renshaw, UCM General Manager, reports: “This is a significant accomplishment considering the challenging conditions in which we work every day. Operating and maintaining heavy equipment and conducting mining operations - essentially 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long, in rain, snow, extreme wind conditions, in the dark of winter, and in many cases very remote locations on the mine property are not easy tasks. Safety briefings are conducted daily. The cold and dark of winter months is a critical period. Slips, trips and falls tend to be the typical conditions that result in injuries. I am extremely proud of every member of the team, full time employees, contractors, support personnel and visitors to the mine. It is a very impressive accomplishment.”

Joe Usibelli Jr., President of Usibelli Coal Mine, said, “I am very proud of our people. We have a professional and dedicated workforce with great teamwork and leadership. The safety of our employees is priority number one. It takes the constant vigilance of every employee every day, all day long. Our goal is to provide a quality product, in the requested quantities, and with on-time deliveries; all accomplished in a safe manner. My compliments go out to every member of the company; I am extremely proud of everyone.”

Usibelli Coal Mine is a fourth generation, family-owned, all-Alaskan business and the only operational coal mine in Alaska. UCM produced 1.6 million tons of ultra-low sulfur, subbituminous coal during 2013.

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