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Murkowski Outraged at NSA 'App Spies' Monitoring Smart Phones


Senator: Big Brother Tactics on Games Not Saving Lives

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski today responded critically to news accounts detailing that the government’s surveillance practices include Americans’ usage of their smart phones with applications including games and social media:

“Like most Alaskans, I don’t believe the government should be snooping around our property, our e-mails, library records or phone calls – and they certainly are very troubled that the National Security Agency is in our pockets playing ‘Big Brother’ tracking our smart phones.

“I am committed to restoring a sound, American balance between privacy and security, and have worked towards that goal through legislation like the USA Freedom Act that I co-sponsored.

“I do not doubt that our country faces new global threats and there are new technologies that can be leveraged consistent with our civil liberties, but I do not understand how tracking Angry Birds scores or capturing Facebook posts from law-abiding Americans makes a single person safer.”

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