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Ending the Oil Export Ban, Monitoring Fukushima Impacts - Murkowski Morning Meeting, 1/30/2014


Alaskans awoke today to hear/read about Shell’s announcement it will not be drilling in the Chukchi Sea this summer.  You can see Senator Murkowski’s response to the news here.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What DC is Reading:

U.S. Senate Events

Ending the Oil Export Ban

Alaskan Impact: Senator Lisa Murkowski started a national discussion three weeks ago about lifting the generation-long U.S. ban on exporting crude oil. Alaska and oil production have always been tightly linked, and lifting the crude export ban would positively impact both the state and the nation. Shell’s announcement this morning that it will not be moving forward in 2014 with exploration in either the Beaufort or Chukchi only underscores the urgency for this discussion to move forward to provide greater incentives for increased production.  Today the Senate Energy Committee – where Senator Murkowski is the top Republican – listened to expert testimony about the case for this change.

(Murkowski: It’s been twenty five years since we’ve really discussed this as a nation.)

5:30 am AKDT

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee – Hearing

Topic: “Opportunities and Challenges Associated with lifting the ban on U.S. crude oil exports.”


  • Mr. Harold Hamm, , Continental Resources, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK
  • Mr. Graeme Burnett, Delta Air Lines, Atlanta, GA
  • Ms. Amy Myers Jaffe, Executive Director of Energy and Sustainability, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis, CA
  • Mr. Daniel J. Weiss, Center for American Progress, Washington, D.C.

Watch the hearing here: energy.senate.gov

Continued Research of Fukushima Impacts

Alaskan Impact: Alaskans have watched the nuclear impacts from the Fukushima disaster in Japan, with Senator Murkowski convening the first Tsunami Debris Informational Roundtable in January of 2012. While leading scientists have found that impacts of the disaster have minimally impacted Alaskan fish, new information and research continues. The Nuclear Regulatory Committee has learned from the Fukushima disaster and this hearing will explore ways to enhance and maintain nuclear safety.

5:30 am AKDT

Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Hearing

Topic: "Oversight Hearing: NRC's (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) Implementation of the Fukushima Near-Term Task Force Recommendations and other Actions to Enhance and Maintain Nuclear Safety."


  • The Honorable Allison M. Macfarlane, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • The Honorable Kristine L. Svinicki, Commissioner, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • The Honorable George Apostolakis, Commissioner, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • The Honorable William D. Magwood, I, Commissioner, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • The Honorable William C. Ostendorff, Commissioner,Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Watch the hearing here: epw.senate.gov

U.S. House Events 

The House is not in session today.

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