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Bill Introduced to Strengthen Texting and Driving Laws


Senate Bill 122 makes it illegal to text while stopped at traffic lights or stop signs

JUNEAU- Today Senator Kevin Meyer, R-Anchorage, introduced Senate Bill 122, which closes a long-standing loophole in the State’s texting and driving laws. SB 122 will make it crime to text while operating a motor vehicle on a highway or other public roadway, except when the vehicle is legally parked or stopped because it is inoperable.      

“When we first passed texting and driving laws years ago, we neglected to include texting while stopped at a stop light or stop sign,” said Senator Meyer.  “This can also be a very dangerous situation, because the driver is distracted and can interfere with other traffic around them.”

For more information, please contact Edra Morledge in Senator Meyer’s office at (907) 465-4945.

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