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Begich Disappointed in Lack of Focus on Energy, Fiscal Security in State of Union


Senator Says President Missed Opportunities to Lay out Real Solutions that Alaskans Want to Hear

 U.S. Senator Mark Begich offered the following remarks in response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech:

“I was disappointed I didn’t hear what Alaskans wanted from the President tonight.  While the President delivered a lot of sound bites that may sound good in a speech, we need to hear a clear plan and commitment to economic growth. Specifically, the President missed his chance to talk about national energy security in any meaningful way.

“Alaskans know that to ensure our national energy security, we must be more aggressive on natural resource development. From building the Keystone pipeline to offshore drilling in Alaska, we should be taking advantage of our domestic energy potential and I will keep fighting and using every committee post and option available to do just that. The President said he wants to focus on "fuels of the future" but we should be focusing on the fuels we can develop right now—and that’s Alaska oil and gas.

“I also have concerns about some of the President's comments to increase his executive power on issues where Congress should play a pivotal role.  Alaskans can be sure that I will not sit back and watch any sort of power grab - especially from an Administration that has already demonstrated they do not understand core Alaska issues.” 

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