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Updates on Shelter And Pets


The Red Cross of Alaska has assisted 16 residents who were affected by this morning’s apartment complex fire. They are providing shelter to 10 residents and have received an outpouring of material donations. Wal-Mart donated lunch and supplies to affected residents, and the Salvation Army is providing lunch, dinner and breakfast. The Red Cross is assisting people with finding new homes and providing some financial support to help residents who have lost everything.

Animal Care & Control has taken in 3 deceased cats, 4 live cats, and two live fish.  The cats were all from two identified apartments and Animal Control is working to contact owners.  Owners missing animals should contact animal control to fill out a Lost Report.

Lost Reports can be filed on the phone (343-8122) or online on our website, www.muni.org/animal, but the best way is to come in to the shelter to fill it out and look through new lost animals that have come into the shelter.  Owners are the best person to identify their pets and we encourage owners to come into the shelter at least every 2-3 days to look for lost pets.  It is very helpful to have a photo of your pet with you.

The best way to help residents affected by this fire is to donate to the Red Cross of Alaska. Donations can be made online at http://alaska.redcross.org/Donate.php

Anyone with questions about the shelter or ways to help can call 2-1-1.

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