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Mayor Commends City Workers, Community during Fire Response



At 8:45 a.m., January 3, 2013, Anchorage Fire Department and Anchorage Police Department responded to a large residential complex fire on Eureka Ave.

Up to forty five individuals were displaced by the fire. In response to the needs of these families, the Municipality of Anchorage and the American Red Cross of Alaska have opened a shelter at the Spenard Recreation Center, 2020 W 48th Avenue. Any families or individuals displaced by the fire are welcome to seek respite at the Red Cross shelter. A total of 16 people have sought help from the Red Cross including 10 overnight shelter clients.

“Our first responders in the of the Anchorage Fire Department and the Anchorage Police Department did an outstanding job as did other municipal departments including the Office of Emergency Management, Health and Human Services, Public Transportation, Parks and Recreation, Facilities and Maintenance, and Anchorage Animal Care & Control,” said Dan Sullivan, Mayor of Anchorage.

The Anchorage Police Department arrived on scene to alert the residents, move everyone away from danger and to make sure everyone was accounted for. One female officer was injured; two male officers were exposed to smoke inhalation.
One bus and several vans from the Department of Public Transportation were dispatched and arrived on scene within fifteen minutes. The vehicles were used to transport residents to the shelter once in use.

Several residents were trapped, surrounded by fire and the Anchorage firefighters rescued them. The fire had a dangerous capacity to spread to nearby apartments. “We are fortunate that there were no deaths and that we have such a giving community to embrace those who were displaced,” said Sullivan.

Almost immediately, Wal-Mart brought water, supplies and food to the scene of the fire and will provide food at the shelter.
The Salvation Army is assisting with food and other goods.

At this time, all agencies have the necessary personnel to staff the shelter.
If members of the general public would like to donate goods they can contact the Salvation Army. To donate money, which is the greatest need at this time, call the American Red Cross of Alaska at 907-646-5400 or donate online: http://alaska.redcross.org/Donate.php.

If residents of the Eureka fire have lost pets, they’re encouraged to fill out a Lost Report at the Anchorage Animal Care & Control. The customer service phone number is 907-343-8122. A report can be completed online at: www.muni.org/animal. A visit to the shelter to search for your pet is highly encouraged. The Anchorage Fire Department turned in four live cats, three deceased cats and two live fish.

In the event of disasters or emergencies, Anchorage residents are always encouraged to call 2-1-1 for information. If the line is busy, please try again.
“Although the employees feel that nothing was done out-of the ordinary, I commend all city employees who worked on this incident today,” said Sullivan.

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