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Federal Subsistence Board Acts on Proposals to Change Federal Subsistence Fisheries Regulations


The Federal Subsistence Board met January 22-24 to take action on proposed changes to Federal subsistence fishing regulations. The actions taken by the Board include:

*Yukon Northern Area*

   - Removed the permit requirement for the Chinook salmon in the drift gillnet fishery within the Yukon River subdistricts 4B and 4C.

   - Restricted customary trade of Yukon River Chinook salmon to transactions between those who have a positive customary and traditional use determination under Federal regulations for Yukon River Chinook salmon

   in the Yukon River drainage. The Board took no action on six other proposals dealing with customary trade in the Yukon-Northern Area to allow time for the effects of the initial restrictions to be evaluated.

*Chignik Area*

   - Opened a previously closed area of the Chignik River to salmon fishing with rod and reel. A Federal permit will be required to fish in this area.

   The Board also opened Black Lake and its tributaries to gillnet salmon fishing.

*Cook Inlet Area*

   - Removed the expiration date for the Ninilchik community fish wheel fishery on the Kasilof River.

*Yakutat and Southeastern Alaska Area*

   - Removed the requirement to mark subsistence caught salmon by clipping off the tail fins.

*Southeastern Alaska Area*

   - Established household harvest limits for steelhead harvested within drainages on Prince of Wales and Kosciusko Islands.

   - Expanded the Federal subsistence fishing permit requirement for eulachon to all of District 1.

   - Deferred action until January 2014 on a proposal to eliminate the subsistence sockeye salmon annual guideline harvest level on the Stikine

   River in Southeast Alaska pending consideration by the Transboundary River Panel and the Pacific Salmon Commission


   - Deferred action on a proposal to revise the definitions of king and Tanner crab pots, marking requirements, and crab pot limits per vessel in the Kodiak area.  This action allows additional time for the Council and

   State to address new data and work to clarify and define affected areas.

The new regulations take effect April 1, 2013 and will be published in the 2013-2015 Federal subsistence fishing regulations book, which will be available statewide in late March. The regulations also will be posted on

the Federal Subsistence Management Program website, http://alaska.fws.gov/asm/home.html    Additional information on the Federal Subsistence Management Program may also be found at this site.

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