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Congressman Young Supports Bill to Avoid “Fiscal Cliff”


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Alaskan Congressman Don Young released the following statement after voting in favor of legislation to avoid the “fiscal cliff”: 

“Today’s agreement to avert the fiscal cliff is a short-term and last minute fix to a chronic and long-term spending problem here in Washington.  In the coming months, Congress must work to enact real tax reform and meaningful spending cuts that will put the country on sound fiscal footing.  I support the deal today because it will mean 98 percent of Alaskans will not see their taxes increased and it will bring financial certainty to Alaskan families, small businesses and the world markets as we enter the new year. 

"Going forward, the President and Congress cannot continue to conduct the nation’s business this way with late night votes and short-term band-aids.  We as a nation are in this together, and in the upcoming 113th Congress, we must find a way to truly deal with the out of control spending that has plagued America for far too long.”

In addition to averting the fiscal cliff, the bill passed today contained language that Congressman Young introduced in previous legislation that will permanently extend favorable tax treatment for Alaska Native settlement trusts allowing them to maximize the educational and other benefits they provide to Alaska Natives.

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