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Congress Extends Federal Emergency Unemployment Benefits


JUNEAU, Alaska—Congress voted Jan. 1 to continue the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program for one year. This will allow about 7,700 jobless workers registered through Alaska’s unemployment system to continue receiving federally funded EUC unemployment benefits.

Persons eligible for EUC benefits may receive up to an additional 37 weeks of benefits. Regular state-funded unemployment benefits are up to 26 weeks.

The program had been slated to end on Dec. 29. The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development is notifying jobless workers of the extension.

Recipients of EUC should continue to file for benefits to avoid a lapse in payments.

Individuals who need to file a new EUC claim should call a UI claim center to apply.
• Anchorage 907-269-4700
• Fairbanks 907-451-2871
• Juneau 907-465-5552
• Toll free 888-252-2557

Alaska Job Center Network

Unemployment Insurance

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