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Begich Joins ‘No Labels’ Congressional Problem Solvers Group


Sen. Mark Begich has joined the “No Labels” congressional problem solvers, a group of 24 members of Congress – Democrats and Republicans from both the House and Senate – who have committed to meeting regularly to build trust across the aisle.

The group was organized by No Labels, a grassroots movement of conservatives, liberals and everything in between, who are committed to a new politics of problem solving. The problem solvers group is growing rapidly, and was unveiled in its entirety today at a meeting of the organization in New York City.

“One of my New Year’s resolutions was to spend more time with colleagues of different perspectives - political, regional, economic or otherwise - In both the Senate and the House,” Begich said. “Working with ‘No Labels’ is one step toward crossing that resolution off my list. The purpose of this group is bringing people together to find common ground, and I think that’s something all Alaskans can support.”

Established in December 2010, No Labels has gained traction in Congress by bringing members of all political persuasions together to find common ground.

“The Problem Solvers group is a big deal,” No Labels Honorary Co-Chair Sen. Joe Manchin says. “They can help break the gridlock and blame game that have become so pervasive in Washington, where people have developed an attitude that you’re only worth talking to if you’re on my team – the Ds or the Rs. We’ll prove that ultimately, we’re all on the same team – America.”   

Manchin and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman are No Labels’ honorary co-chairs this year.

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