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1-11-13 Alaska's Economic Outlook


The Alaska Support Industry Alliance Celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

The State of Alaska's Economy...And the State's Future

"To Be Realistic Is Not Necessarily To Be Negative"

by Dave Harbour

1.  On January 4 we editorialized that Alaska's economy is unsustainable but 'fixable'.

2.  On January 8 we linked readers to Energy & Capital's Keith Kohl's national column noting that Alaska's economy seemed 'doomed'.

Eric Dompeling, Alaska Support Industry Alliance, Meet Alaska, Alaska Oil Taxes, Alaska Economy, ASIA, Jeopardy, Photo by Dave Harbour3.  Today, Alaska reader Eric Dompeling (NGP Photo) directs us to RBN Energy's piece, "After the Oil Rush - ANS Decline and the West Coast Crude Market."

Eric reviewed our January 8 piece, and wrote,





Northern Gas Pipelines, Dave Harbour, Publisher

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