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Tonight's Debate Could Impact Alaska Jobs Forever. Come Join Us!


Northern Gas Pipelines

Tonight is the night of a big oil tax debate in Anchorage.

One side argues that with declining ANS production, 90% of state operating revenues (and Alaska's private economy) are at stake, and that the decline could be reversed if Alaska did not have one of the most predatory tax regimes in the free world.

Another side argues that if Alaska "gives" the ANS producers a tax reduction there is no "guarantee" those tax savings will be reinvested in Alaska.

We suspect that one side understands America's free market system and the other side does not.  Tonight we will find out.

We urge NGP readers living in Anchorage or having offices in Anchorage to encourage friends and coworkers to attend.

Coming as the Alaska State Legislature prepares for its 2012 session, this particular event could be critical.  Our participation in this event, therefore, could be critically important.

See you there....


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