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They’re Not Waiting: Keystone Delay Could Send American Jobs & Energy to China


Posted by Press Office on January 09, 2012

Every day that President Obama delays action on the extension of the Keystone XL energy pipeline causes more uncertainty and puts the creation of thousands of new American jobs in jeopardy.

Because of the Obama administration’s delay, the Wall Street Journal says Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has “ratcheted up support for the idea of transporting some of Canada's growing oil production westward” instead of south through the U.S. Harper “stepped up his support for a pipeline to access Asian buyers since U.S. President Barack Obama put the Keystone project on hold,” according to the Toronto Star.

That would mean Canadian workers and Chinese firms, who are investing in Canadian energy, would benefit – not American workers. And the energy resources would flow to Asian countries – not the U.S., where it could help lower prices for struggling families and small businesses.

“[W]hen the Obama administration delayed approval to the Keystone pipeline,” says the Edmonton Journal, “Canada got a wake-up call…” Countries like China and India “have massive demand for oil” and “aren’t sitting around waiting for public hearings on new pipelines to be completed” – they’re “looking for sources of oil now.”

Speaker Boehner met with Alberta Premier Redford to voice his support for the job-creating Keystone XL extension, and the House passed bipartisan legislation to force the administration to make a prompt decision on the project. But the legislation was stalled by Senate Democrats (along with nearly 30 other jobs bills). And while the president eventually signed a bill requiring a decision within 60 days, 17 have passed with no sign of a decision forthcoming.

President Obama says “we can’t wait” for action on jobs. Well, Canada isn’t waiting. One way or another, a new energy pipeline will be built. The question the president and Democrats in Washington need to answer is: would Democrats rather American workers get these Keystone jobs? Or China?


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