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Rural Telecom CEO Comments on Broadband and Innovation in Rural America from State of the Union speech


NTCA’s Bloomfield Responds to Comments on Broadband and Innovation in State of the Union Address


Arlington, Va., (January 25, 2012) – NTCA Chief Executive Officer Shirley Bloomfield issued the following statement regarding President Barack Obama’s State of the Union comments about American innovation and the role of broadband in connecting in our global economy. 

“I was gratified to hear President Obama specifically mention that winning the future includes deploying high-speed Internet to enable rural community farmers and businesses to sell products worldwide.  It reinforced the president’s previous commitment to ensuring that all Americans have access to a broadband connection.  Those connections often depend on small, community-based providers in rural areas.  As this administration moves forward on this initiative, I urge them to ensure that actions by our federal agencies support, rather than undermine, the independent telecom companies that are key to connecting and employing rural Americans.

“And if the president is committed to innovation, there is no better place for innovation than the small, community-based rural telecom companies serving the most remote parts of our country.  These technology leaders have demonstrated their tenacity and creativity in building network infrastructure that reaches every member of their communities.  If we want to support innovation and ensure broadband connections, the administration needs to invest in these small businesses who make it happen in their communities every day.”   

The National Telecommunications Cooperative Association is the premier association representing more than 570 locally owned and controlled telecommunications cooperatives and commercial companies throughout rural and small-town America.  NTCA provides its members with legislative, regulatory and industry representation; meetings; publications and educational programs; and an array of employee benefit programs.  Visit us at www.ntca.org.


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