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Reduce The High Cost Of Energy: Join Us Thursday, Jan. 19


In an effort to give Alaska Chamber members a more in depth understanding of our priorities and to prepare Fly-In attendees, we are holding "pre briefings" on our legislative priorities. 

The final briefing covering the cost of high energy is scheduled for tomorrow, January 19, at 10:00am with subject matter expert Jim Dodson presenting. 

The briefing will be teleconferenced statewide.  We encourage all members to call in, not just those that are registered for the Fly-In.  The conference line is 907.278.2700.

We have a maximum allowance of 30 calls on our conference line. If you are in Anchorage and can attend in person, that will give members outside of Anchorage a better chance of getting through. Or, if there are multiple members calling in from the same business it would be helpful for you to call in from just one line.

Fly In participants will be provided a copy of the talking points and questions electronically tomorrow morning before the briefing, and hard copies during the Fly In. If you would like a copy of the talking points but are not registered for the Fly In, please email Kati Capozzi at KCapozzi@AlaskaChamber.com.
The pre-briefing will be held to a one hour schedule following this general outline:
I.                  Roll Call/Introductions (5 minutes)
II.                 Review of how Alaska Chamber positions & priorities are adopted (3 minutes)
III.                State Priority Briefing with Q&A (40 minutes)

Please plan to call in tomorrow, January 19 at 10:00am - 907.278.2700.

Haven't registered for the Fly-In but would like to? Register today!

Thank you,

Alaska Chamber Team

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