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Lt. Gov. Treadwell Gives Personal Testimony at Alaskans Rally for Life


January 20, 2012, Juneau, AK – Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell was the featured speaker today at a Rally for Life held by Alaskans For Life on the steps of the Capitol Building.

“At our state’s birthday in 1959, we agreed that all persons have a natural right to life and liberty, and are equal, and entitled to equal rights, opportunities, and protection under the law,” Treadwell said.  “As a people, we have agreed that government exists to secure these rights.

“In the past three decades, somewhere around fifty-five thousand Alaskans were denied the chance to have their birthdays … I believe the message of the Declaration of Independence:  government exists to protect our rights, lives and liberties --- not to take them away.  But I believe this protection extends to all of our lives, and that includes those of the unborn.  One person’s right to choice or privacy must not preclude another person’s life.”

“In the 1950s, an 18-year-old girl became pregnant.  She was a freshman at a prestigious college, with great things in store, and she had to drop out.  Abortion was not widely legal at the time, but it was available.  She knew that arrangements could be made with some doctor in New York City.  

“I thank God for giving that woman the courage to say ‘no thank you.’  Otherwise I would not be here today.  It was my mother who made the difficult choice to love me before she knew me, and every day of my life is a celebration of that choice.

“To all mothers facing that tough choice, we are with you.  You and your child are in our prayers.  Choose life.  I tell you, it is worth it – every time.”

Lt. Gov. Treadwell’s full remarks are available here: http://ltgov.alaska.gov/treadwell/press-room/full-press-release.html?pr=97 

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