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Last Week at EIA - 01/06/2012


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(12/30/2011 - 01/06/2012)


Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (1/3/2012)
Presents average weekly retail on-highway diesel fuel prices for the U.S., 8 regions, and the State of California and average weekly retail gasoline prices at the national and regional levels, and for selected cities and States.

The Coal News and Markets Report for week ended 12/30/2011 (1/3/2012)
Contains information for the week and spot prices:

This Week in Petroleum (1/5/2012)
Provides analysis, data, and charts of the latest weekly petroleum supply and price data.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report, Data for Week Ending 12/30/2011 (1/5/2012)
Contains timely information on supply and selected prices of crude oil and principal petroleum products in the context of historical data and forecasts.

Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report (1/5/2012)
Contains weekly estimates of natural gas in underground storage for the United States and three regions of the United States.

Natural Gas Weekly Update (1/5/2012)
Contains weekly updates of natural gas market prices, latest storage level estimates, recent lower 48 NOAA weather data, and other market activity or events.

Coal Production for Week Ended 12/31/2011 (1/6/2012)
Contains an overview of U.S. weekly coal production.


U.S. refineries and blenders produced record amounts of distillate fuels (01/06/2012)
U.S. refiners produced historically high volumes of distillate fuels (a category that includes both diesel fuel and heating oil) in 2011. In 2011, weekly distillate production was above the five-year historical range 25 times, and ranked second highest in an additional 19 weeks.

Current natural gas forward prices signal rising—but still low—prices in 2012 (01/05/2012)
Natural gas forward market prices (as of December 28, 2011) signal a continuation of low natural gas prices into 2012. Natural gas spot prices remained low throughout 2011 relative to prior years, reaching a two—year low in November. Current spot natural gas prices are lower than the 2012 forward contract range at several natural gas trading points.

The Strait of Hormuz is the world's most important oil transit chokepoint (01/04/2012)
The Strait of Hormuz, which is located between Oman and Iran, connects the Persian Gulf with the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. Hormuz is the world's most important oil chokepoint due to its daily oil flow of almost 17 million barrels per day (bbl/d) in 2011, up from between 15.5-16.0 million bbl/d in 2009-2010. Flows through the Strait in 2011 were roughly 35% of all seaborne traded oil, or almost 20% of oil traded worldwide.

Petroleum Marketing Monthly (01/03/2012)
Crude oil prices were on the rise again in October, while refiner prices for gasoline decreased firmly. Data covering prime supplier sales of finished petroleum products for local consumption show typical seasonal trends with sales of gasoline falling and distillate sales increasing.

Oil Transit Chokepoints, with updated data on oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz (12/30/2011)


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