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KLM Traffis Results 2011



 Passenger: Rise in both traffic (+7.5%) and load factor (+1 point)

Cargo: Slight decline in traffic and load factor (-0.3%)

In order to facilitate year-on-year comparisons, passenger traffic data since November 2011 is restated to include the business of Martinair.

Passenger business

Activity in December 2010 was affected by severe weather conditions in Europe and the United States which led to the cancellation of 5,100 flights, flattering the yea-on-year comparison.  December capacity was up by 6.3% and traffic rose 7.5%, leading to a one point gain in load factor to 81.5%. The group carried 6.11 million passengers, up 11,7%. Unit revenue per available seat kilometre (RASK) ex-currency was stable relative to December 2010.

·         On the Americas network traffic and capacity rose 9.0% and 6.7% respectively, driven mainly by Latin America. The load factor gained 1.8 point to 86.7%. 

·         The Asia network saw a 4.0% rise in traffic for capacity up 3.2%, leading to a 0.7 point rise in load factor to 83.0%. However Japanese activity has yet to recover to the levels prior to last year’s earthquake and tsunami.

·         The Africa and Middle East network saw a 5.1% rise in traffic with capacity up by 0.8%. The load factor therefore gained 3.4 points to 82.1%. The Africa network continues to recover, but the Middle East remains affected by political instability.

·         The Caribbean and Indian Ocean network recorded a 3.6% rise in traffic for capacity up by 4.1%. The load factor stood at 83.3% (-0.4 points).

·         The European network was the most affected by the severe weather December 2010, contributing to the sharp year on year rise, which was also attributable to the opening of the Marseille Base in October 2011. Traffic and capacity rose 14.8% and 14.9% respectively. The load factor was stable at 71.0% (-0.1 point).    

 Cargo business

In December 2011 cargo traffic and capacity were virtually stable (-0.3% and +0.1% respectively). The load factor amounted to 68.1% (-0.3 point). Unit revenue per available tonne kilometre (RATK) ex-currency declined slightly.

Recent developments

·         On December 5th, Air France confirmed the launch of the province bases of Nice and of Toulouse in Spring 2012. Nice will add six new destinations to the current 16, while Toulouse will add 16 destinations to the 12 currently served.

·         In May 2012, KLM will launch a route from Amsterdam to Lusaka, in Zambia.

·         From December 2011, Air France’s fleet of Airbus A380 is fully equipped with the Premium Voyageur Cabin which is now available on all destinations of its long-haul network.


7th February 2012 at 8h00 CET : January 2012 traffic

7th March  2012 at 8h00 CET: February 2012 traffic

8th March 2012 : Full Year 2011 Results

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