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I/M testing will end soon if the Anchorage Assembly approves mayor's ordinance


From the desk of Mayor Sullivan

Recently, I announced that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the State of Alaska's and Municipality of Anchorage's plan to eliminate I/M testing in Anchorage.

This was a long time in coming, and I'm pleased the EPA approved our plan. While the program was originally useful, it is no longer needed to assure that Anchorage has clean, breathable air.

That said, there's one more hurdle to overcome before finally ending the I/M program. In 2010, the Assembly approved a six-month phase-out period once the program was decertified by the EPA. This means the test would still be required for the next half a year even though the federal government and the State no longer require it.

I think this is unreasonable, and I introduced an ordinance to the Assembly that would kill the phase-out period. They vote on it this Tuesday, and I do not know what they will decide.

It's always helpful for elected officials to hear from constituents. As such, you may want to contact members of the Assembly and let them know your opinion about finally ending the I/M program. You can email all members at once by using this email address: wwmas@muni.org.


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