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Rural Legislators Comment on Moore Settlement

(Juneau) - A pair of rural representatives today released the
following statements after attending the announcement of a settlement
in the Moore v. State education case. The State of Alaska settled with
the plaintiffs, Citizens for the Educational Advancement for Alaska's
Children, or CEAAC following 10 months of negotiations and nearly
eight years of litigation. Details of the settlement are available at
the link below.

Representative Bob Herron, D-Bethel:

Boy, this is a long time coming. When I was on the Lower Kuskokwim
School District Board in the early 1990s, the discussion was about the
adequacy level of education to rural districts. So collectively, the
school districts and the parents that lived and worked in those parts
of the state of Alaska decided that we had to get the state's
attention. The Kassayulie case is resolved. It has taken 13 years. The
Moore case took eight years. Even with all that, today is a day of
beginning, a day of celebration, but a day that means that from now on
the focus will have to be sharp on educating fairly all Alaska's
students - all Alaska's children.

Rep. Alan Dick, R-Stony River - House Education Committee Chair:

You know, most people don't realize the real significance of this,
because there was an undercurrent of uncertainty, contention and
whatnot. This is a day to celebrate. I really believe it's far bigger
than most people can imagine. It's not just about money - it's about
coming up with creative solutions that are going to provide the school
districts that are struggling with some real life answers. You know,
most of the superintendents are so busy wrestling alligators that they
don't have time to drain the swamps. This is going to set aside some
money, and some time, and some people so that they can come up with
some long-term solutions and some models and templates that we can
follow down the road. It's not just throwing money at the problem;
this is really about coming up with creative solutions.

The full text, links, and audio are below:



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