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Gas Pipeline News For The New Year


Northern Gas Pipelines

We refocus our attention to the information needs of our gentle readers following a three month sabbatical -- and bring you several items of interest:

1.  Today we love Licia Corbella's Calgary Herald editorial.  We also provide more routine Canadian energy updates.  Then, we note the simultaneous move to close an expensive Alaska Gas Pipeline Federal Coordinator's office in Washington D.C. -- as the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) opens a new Anchorage office for the in-state gas pipeline. Finally, Amanda Coyne of the Alaska Dispatch offers a fascinating analysis of potential North Slope gas alternatives.

2.  In our New Year's Day report you'll find information about our recent gas pipeline assignment and an announcement welcoming Alex Gimarc as our new associate.  Alex will lend his considerable editorial skills to our goal of, "Providing an information oasis to readers featuring events and issues affecting northern gas pipelines." 
3. Oil tax policy is likely to be the leading issue of the year in the upcoming Alaska legislative session.    Therefore, the recent transcript and recorded statement on oil tax policy by Alaska Senate President Gary Stevens is provided for our readers' information and files.


Happy New Year!


Dave Harbour, Publisher, Northern Gas Pipelines

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