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Federal Subsistence Board Approves Changes to Subsistence Hunting and Trapping Regulations


The Federal Subsistence Board met January 17?20 to consider more than 100
proposed changes to Federal subsistence hunting and trapping regulations.
The new regulations will be effective July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2014.

Among the changes approved by the Board are:

 A requirement that prior to selling handicrafts incorporating a brown
     bear claw(s), the hide or claw(s) not attached to the hide, must be
     sealed by an authorized Alaska Department of Fish and Game
     representative and a copy of the ADF&G sealing certificate accompany
     the handicraft when sold. Old claws may be sealed if an affidavit is
     signed that the claw(s) came from a brown bear that was harvested
     legally on Federal public lands by a Federally qualified subsistence
 A closure of the Red Sheep and Cane Creek drainages to non-Federally
     qualified subsistence users during the Aug. 10-Sept. 20 portion of
     the sheep season in the Arctic Village Sheep Management Area of Unit
The addition of residents of Chistochina to the customary and
     tradition use determination for caribou in Unit 12.
     The establishment of a Federal registration permit hunt for the
     Chisana Caribou Herd in Unit 12. The opportunity for this hunt is
     limited to residents of Chisana, Chistochina, Mentasta, Northway,
     Tetlin, and Tok. The superintendent of Wrangell-St. Elias National
     Park and Preserve will be delegated the authority to manage this

As requested in the Secretarial review of the Federal Subsistence
Management Program, the Board committed to conduct a public review of the
current rural/nonrural determination process. The Board agreed to stay the
2000 decennial nonrural determinations for Prudhoe Bay, Point MacKenzie,
Saxman, North Fork Road and Fritz Creek areas of the Homer area, and a
portion of Sterling. The stay of these determinations allows the Board time
to conduct the public review of the current rural/nonrual determination
process, which could lead to different outcomes in future rural/nonrural

The Board also heard an update on the progress to develop the draft Tribal
and ANCSA Corporation consultation policies. The Board’s goal is to
finalize these policies at its May 2012 meeting. The draft Tribal and ANCSA
Corporation consultation policies are available on the Web at

The July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2014 Federal subsistence hunting and
trapping regulations will be available in late June at vendors, Federal
field offices, the Office of Subsistence Management, and on the Web at
http://alaska.fws.gov/asm/law.cfml. Only rural Alaska residents may harvest
wildlife under Federal subsistence regulations. These regulations apply
only on Federal public lands.

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