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Elected officials talk tax reform


Gov. Parnell highlights producers commitments in State of the State address

Sean Parnell

Gov. Sean Parnell delivered his annual State of the State address to a joint session of the Alaska State House of Representatives and Senate.

If the Legislature passes meaningful tax reform, companies have already pledged at least $5 billion in new investments, and we will likely see billions more. Significant new investment in oil production would be a game changer for our state a down payment on Alaskas future we cannot afford to turn down. The question before us now is not whether we have enough oil reserves to meet our goals. The question is this: Do we have enough will to give up short-term gains for long-term growth? I believe the answer is yes.
- Gov. Sean Parnell

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Senate President Gary Stevens says a compromise may be near

On the first day of the new legislative session, Stevens, R-Kodiak, told the Associated Press there's movement within his bipartisan caucus towards finding a compromise on oil taxes. He said he personally believes a bill will come from a Senate committee - like resources or finance and will include changes to the progressive surcharge - currently triggered when a company's net profits hit $30 a barrel - and incentives for heavy oil.

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Quote of the day
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Marc Langland discusses Alaskas business climate on the Fagan Report

Marc Langland, Chairman, Northrim Bank.

Marc Langland and Dan Fagan get down into the nitty-gritty of how tax policy impacts a states economy.

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Forbes: 'Your state has about the worst energy tax policy in the world.'

Steve Forbes

"Your state has about the worst energy tax policy in the world. The only worse I could find is North Korea." Steve Forbes told the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation's (AEDC) 2012 economic forecast on January 25.

The AEDC also revealed the results of a poll asking, "Is the ACES tax structure negatively impacting Alaskas oil production?" And 72 percent of respondents said YES.

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Northrim Bank sponsors oil series

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