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Dimond High School Assistant Principal Patricia Walker selected as 2012 Alaska Assistant Principal of the Year


The Alaska Association of Secondary  School Principals has selected Patricia Walker, Assistant Principal of Dimond  High School as Alaska Assistant Principal of the Year for 2011-12. This  honor means that Walker is now eligible for consideration as a candidate for  the 2012 NASSP/Virco National Assistant Principal of the Year  recognition.

Walker will attend a three-day  Assistant Principal Recognition program in Washington, D.C. April 18-21 where  all state Assistant Principals of the Year will advocate for education on  Capitol Hill, participate in professional development activities, network with  peers and share their expertise among national leaders in education.

Walker  received her B.S. in Business Administration and Distributive Education in 1980  from Montana State University - Bozeman and her M.Ed in Public School  Administration from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 1989. Walker is a  member of the Anchorage Principals Association, the Alaska Association of  Secondary School Principals and the National Association of Secondary School  Principals.

A  third generation teacher, Walker is a lifelong Alaska educator, beginning her  career in 1980 as a teacher at Newhalen School in the Lake and Peninsula School  District in Alaska. She moved to the Anchorage School District in 1984 teaching  Business Principles, Marketing and DECA at East High School, then at Dimond HS  (1989-98) before being named Assistant Principal for Student Services at  Chugiak HS (1998-2001). Walker has served as Assistant Principal at multiple  other ASD schools for the past 13 years including King Career Center (2001-03),  Chugiak HS (2003-04), South Anchorage HS (2004-09) and her current assignment  as Activities AP at Dimond HS (2009-12).

Alaska  Assistant Principal of the Year recognition is based on performance of  outstanding leadership for providing high-quality learning opportunities for  students. State honorees are selected based on how well they have demonstrated  leadership excellence in four areas of the NASSP Breaking Ranks  Framework: Personal Excellence, Collaborative Leadership,  Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment, and Personalization. Walker's variety of  experiences as an Assistant Principal provided evidence of achievement in the  four areas of the framework.

Walker  has received numerous awards and honors, including the Denali Award in 2007,  ASD's highest honor for exemplary service. Walker was selected as Region IV  Assistant Principal of the Year in 2011. Walker has served as a mentor to  new assistant principals and interns, and has continued her professional growth  in areas of positive youth development, Security and Emergency Preparedness,  and other leadership areas.

Walker  cites her commitment to personal excellence, lifelong learning and professional  development as key to her success. Walker establishes and high standards for  herself, students, staff and cited the importance of providing service and  support to others, and reaching out to community, as key to providing  successful experiences for students.

Walker  is described by her principal Cheryl Guyett as a tireless advocate for students  and an exemplar of professional standards. Others describe Pat as hardworking,  focused, dedicated, diligent, helpful, caring and compassionate. Walker  collaborates well with students, coaches, staff, parents and community groups  in her role as Activities Principal.Pat is a "walkabout" administrator,  who has a passion for kids and uses her quick wit and humor to engage with  students in daily conversations about their goals, achievements, progress and  challenges.

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