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Begich Responds to Pentagon’s New Military Strategy


U.S. Sen. Mark Begich released the following statement after the Obama administration today announced a new military strategy that shifts the Pentagon’s focus to Asia and outlines guidance to drive future investments in defense:

“I am pleased to see the Pentagon respond to our congressional mandate to provide the world's best military defense system while wisely using taxpayer dollars. With renewed emphasis on Asia and the force expected to rapidly mobilize for contingencies around the globe, I believe Alaska should continue to play a vital role in our nation's defense posture due to its strategic location. 

“I commend the President's recognition that a priority is a robust missile defense capability to protect the homeland, such as the Ground-based Midcourse Defense System in Alaska.

“Yet, I am concerned the new strategy also proposes several policy changes that warrant serious review, such as cutting ground forces. I want to make sure we are cautious moving forward with such efforts. As a nation, we cannot afford to undermine our boots on the ground capability even as we prepare for more technologically-advanced contingencies.

“As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I also will demand to know exactly how this new strategy will impact Alaska. I remain committed to a robust national security and providing all the tools our military needs to do the job we ask of them.”

There are currently more than 26,000 Alaska-based military men and women serving our country.

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