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Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Closed this Weekend


Heavy snowfall challenges operations team


The staff at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center continues to dig out from numerous storms that have hit the Southcentral Alaska region throughout the winter. In the wake of the latest 18 inches of snow received on Sunday and more throughout the week, the Center staff has made the decision to cease winter weekend operations until further notice.

“We have plowed out the Center’s roads to where they are passable, but it’s like driving through tunnels, and it is far from safe”, said Mike Miller, Executive Director of the Center. “Right now, our priority is to get things to a point where we can safely care for the animals, and we don’t feel comfortable allowing the public access to the Center until our team feels we’ve reached that point.”

The heavy amounts of snow create access problems for the staff to where it is difficult to feed the animals. Additionally, the high snowpack inside the enclosures means that the staff has to plow the perimeter within the fence lines so that the animals cannot step over the fences. This is a substantial chore, as the AWCC campus is over 150 acres with over 11 large enclosures. “All of this is a great deal of work, and safety is of top concern for our staff members, as well as visitors”, Miller continued. “This is a lot of snow, and we’re just working to get things as close to normal as possible.”

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a 501 c 3 corporation dedicated to conserving Alaska’s Wildlife through education, and quality animal care. Find them online at www.alaskawildlife.org

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