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Rep. Young Sworn-In For 20th Term


Washington, D.C. - Alaskan Congressman Don Young was sworn into office today beginning his 20th term as the sole Member of Congress representing Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives.  

"I am honored to be sworn in for my 20th term of office today, representing the state I love so dearly as the second most senior Republican in the House," said Rep. Young.  "It feels good to be back in the majority, and I am very excited to assume my new post as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs. 

"As Alaska's sole representative in the House for almost thirty-nine years, I have been a Member of both the Majority and Minority and worked with many Speakers, Leaders, and Presidents.  I have seen history unfold right before my eyes and through all of this, my vision and priorities have remained the same.  I believe in a government by the people, I am tireless in my fight for resource development for the good of the country, I am a defender of the Constitution, and above all else, I work for the good of Alaska.  

"Alaskans and Americans spoke loudly and clearly on November 2, 2010, and they told us that they are tired of giving the government their hard-earned tax dollars only to see them squandered.  They do not support a socialist agenda, and that they want their freedoms back!  In the 112th Congress, I look forward to working with my friends on both sides of the aisle to do right by the American people, and to continue my fight on behalf of all Alaskans."
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