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Winter's comin'--I can feel it!
Explore new sites this year.
Yup. Call me crazy, but winter's in the air. I can just feel it--especially when I trip and fall on my you-know-what! While we're enjoying winter, we still can plan for next summer. Be sure and check out the Great Alaskan TourSaver, now in its 13th year. There are more than 130 2-for-1 coupons. Do YOU have your TourSaver for this year? There are coupons for cruises, flights, lodges, train rides, car rentals, fishing trips--the works. Check it out. Okay, let's get out and explore the state--even when it's cold as ice. Colder, actually! Button up your overcoat! Let's get started! 1. HOT Yoga. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it. Check it out at Anchorage Yoga. 2. Explore Tours: Alaska Experts. Check out the new website with new adventures. Very cool. 3. Movin' on up: from talk-n-text to Smart Phone with GCI. Now is the time to make the switch! 4. All A-b-o-a-r-d the Alaska Railroad! Check out the wintertime adventures! 5. I drove the Alaska Marine Highway. No, really! I did! You can, too! New routes this year! 6. Eat, Sleep, Ski, Repeat! A-h-h-h Alyeska! It's a Winter Wonderland at Alyeska Resort! 7. Sites we're following in 2011. It's a new world--and you need to check these sites to keep up!! 8. VIDEO: KTVA recap on Rural Aviation. 9. Anchorage-Kenai air fares on sale! EVERY seat is on sale with Era Alaska! 10. PODCAST: KOAN broadcast, featuring aviation journalist/photographer Rob Stapleton. Listen up!! Don't miss the Alaska Travelgram radio show on Tuesdays, 2-3 pm on 1020AM FOX NEWS KOAN in Anchorage. Watch the Alaska Travelgram TV (five minutes of fame)  every Wednesday at 5:00pm on KTVA, CBS 11 in Anchorage. Check out our weekly column 
in the Alaska Dispatch. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
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