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Alaska TravelGram -EXTRA Jan. 20, 2011


Double Miles on select Alaska Air routes!
Win a free fancy travel bag from Tom Bihn's Seattle Factory!
Before I forget--did you sign up for double mileage with Alaska Airlines? Alaska is offering double miles on two routes: Anchorage-L.A. nonstops (starting May 23) and Anchorage-Denver nonstops (starting June 5). I'm so glad it's snowing in Anchorage--and it's something of a guilty pleasure that I'm watching that snow fall from the Hollywood hills. Yup--sunny and warm today. More on that later! Check out the great video of Tom Bihn's luggage factory showroom. I've got one of his fancy bags to give away! Just send me a note and tell me WHY you need the Aeronaut bag. I'll pick the best reason and give you a free bag from Tom Bihn!! Email me here: zoom@gci.net . Don't wait to order your copy of the Great Alaskan TourSaver today. It's like getting 130 free companion passes for all the best things to see and do in Alaska!! 1. LIVE from Seattle. We did our KOAN radio broadcast from the Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle. Great location (1st and Madison). Great restaurant (BOKA). Great folks. 2. I <heart> the ferry! You cannot go wrong with Alaska's Marine Highway. It's the way REAL Alaskans get around. Check out the new routes! 3. Explore Tours specializes in Alaska. That's what good travel agents do these days: SPECIALIZE! Let Explore Tours map out your EPIC Alaska vacation. 4. I've been working' on the Railroad. All the live-long day. Ride the rails north to Talkeetna or Fairbanks. It's a great ride! 5. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Alyeska Resort is red-hot! Make plans today! 6. Fly Era Anchorage-Kenai, or around the state. Deals, deals, deals! 7 . The Alaska TourSaver is full of FREE companion passes to all the cool stuff statewide: flights, cruises, lodges, fishing…the works. 8. VIDEO: Tom Bihn runs a luggage factory in Seattle. Top-rated stuff. Check it out--then send me an email and tell me why you should win a FREE bag! 9. Anchorage Yoga has more classes and a new schedule. S-t-r-e-t-c-h. It makes you a "flexible flyer"! HA! Don't miss the Alaska Travelgram radio show on Tuesdays, 2-3 pm on 1020AM FOX NEWS KOAN in Anchorage. Watch the Alaska Travelgram TV (five minutes of fame)  every Wednesday at 5:00pm on KTVA, CBS 11 in Anchorage. Check out our weekly column 
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