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T/V Eagle Otome Tanker-Barge Collision


Port Arthur, TEXAS        2010-Jan-23 At 0915 on 23JAN2010, NOAA Emergency Response Division was notified by the NWS Weather Forecast Office (WFO)in Lake Charles, LA of a collision between a crude oil tanker (T/V Eagle Otome) and a barge in Port Arthur, TX. The contents of the barge are not currently known. USCG informed the NOAA SSC that they suspected H2S had been released. The tanker was reported to contain crude oil with a capacity of several hundred thousand barrels. According to local news reports, the collision occurred shortly before 10:00 AM local time. Local law enforcement informed the WFO that noxious fumes were coming from both vessels and that they have initiated evacuations of residents and workers in and around the Port of Port Arthur. The WFO has produced a dilution contour plume footprint using HYSPLIT. The Sabine-Neches Ship Channel and Intracoastal Waterway have been closed. Local Emergency Management will be conducting a helicopter overflight to get photographs and video. Two NOAA SSC's are en route.

USCG Press Release #2 - 1/24/10 Port Arthur, TX Subject USCG Press Release #2 - 1/24/10 Posting Date 2010-Jan-25 UPDATE #2: Unified command responds to oil spill in Port Arthur

PORT ARTHUR, Texas - Responders from the Unified Command established to clean up
the oil spill here recovered an estimated 46,200 gallons of spilled oil as of
Sunday afternoon.

Fifteen skimming vessels continue to comb the waterway and recover more oil, and
there are about 500 responders working both in the field and at the command
post. They have deployed 45,800 feet of boom to contain the estimated 462,000
gallons of crude that spilled after a collision between a towing vessel and an
807-foot tank ship on Saturday.

The safety zone established in the Sabine-Neches Waterway now extends from the
North Forty at the northern tip of Pleasure Island to Texas Point by the Sabine
River jetties. No vessel may enter the safety zone without the permission of the
Captain of the Port or his designee. This restricts all recreational and
commercial vessels from transiting the area.

West-to-northwest winds and strong ebb currents are expected to move oil south
of Mesquite Point over the next 24-36 hours.

Therefore, the Captain of the Port recommends that vessels south of Mesquite
Point and not yet impacted by the oil take all prudent precautions to minimize
and mitigate potential impacts should the oil move further south as expected.
Precautions may include sailing vessels moored to an alternate port or booming
vessel and facilities structures. Facilities should make alternate berthing
arrangements for vessels bound for the Sabine-Neches Waterway.

Vessels desiring to depart from unaffected portions of Sabine Pass Channel must
obtain permission from the Captain of the Port and should contact VTS Port
Arthur at (409) 719-5070 or VHF-FM channels 01A or 65A.

All of the boat ramps south of the Sabine-Neches River to the Sabine River
jetties are also closed.

There is no identified impact to any area marshes, but responders continue to
monitor ecologically sensitive sites along the waterway. Responders recovered
one oiled bird, a heron, on Sunday and are investigating reports of other oiled

To report oiled or injured wildlife, please contact Rhonda Morgatroyd at (409)
719-5074. Members of the public should not attempt to capture any oiled wildlife.

The Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board are conducting a
joint investigation into the cause of the incident, and all parties are fully

USCG Press Release #3 1/25/10 Port Arthur, TX Subject USCG Press Release #3 1/25/10 Posting Date 2010-Jan-25 UPDATE #3: Unified Command responds to Port Arthur oil spill

PORT ARTHUR, Texas - The following information contains recent updates from Jan.
25, 2010 regarding the Port Arthur oil spill.

* 220,053 gallons of oil have been recovered, evaporated or dispersed naturally.
* Approximately 9 miles of shoreline have been impacted
* Two oiled birds have been reported, one has been captured and is being cleaned
* 59,800 feet of boom has been deployed
* 27 skimming vessels are on scene
* 36 vessels are on scene to deploy and work boom
* The Texas Responder, a 210-foot oil recovery vessel, is on scene
* Approximately 550 people are responding

Lightering for the barges, which were being pushed by the towing vessel Dixie
Vengeance at the time of the incident are scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m.
Lightering operations for the tank vessel Eagle Otome are scheduled to begin
today as well.

No injuries have been reported.

To report oiled wildlife please contact 1-888-709-9798. The public should not
attempt to capture any oiled wildlife.

A claims number has been established for this incident. To report a claim,
please call 866-310-3831.

The Coast Guard is conducting a joint investigation with the NTSB into the
incident, and all parties are fully participating.

Note: Documents are posted chronologically and early reports likely contain factual errors. These errors may be corrected in a later report. More info and photos online at www.incidentnews.gov.

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