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State seeks experts for cruise ship science advisory panel


Civil engineers, professionals with wastewater expertise needed for NGO seat

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announces it is seeking
applicants to fill its non-governmental organization (NGO) seat on its cruise ship wastewater
science panel.

The 11-member volunteer panel will look at current and innovative wastewater
technologies and evaluate associated installation issues. It will advise DEC on "technologically
effective and economically feasible" options for wastewater treatment. The science advisory
panel is being constituted as required by House Bill 134, which became law last year.
The NGO seat, as outlined by the legislation, requires a participant with an interest in
water quality matters as well as expertise in the design and function of wastewater systems.
"Having a panel member associated with an NGO is important to this process because this
better assures the panel will explore all feasible options for reducing wastewater pollution in our
waters," says DEC Commissioner Larry Hartig.

DEC is reaching out to NGOs in Alaska and out of state for suggestions of candidates
who meet the general requirements. "If people have questions about criteria or ideas of
candidates with expertise, we welcome their calls," says DEC Water Division Director Lynn

The panel will evaluate the quality of wastewater effluent now produced by cruise ships.
It will also explore treatment technologies currently used on-board ships and at on-shore
facilities as well as technologies under development. It will estimate the environmental benefits,
economic feasibility, and time required to develop and implement new technologies.

Nine members have already been appointed. They boast diverse expertise. Their
backgrounds include the federal government, environmental and maritime regulation and
advocacy; the cruise ship industry; municipal and industrial wastewater treatment; academic
research in wastewater treatment and shipping economics; cruise ship construction; and Alaska
commercial fishing.

DEC will hold its first cruise ship wastewater science panel meeting on February 1. The
full day meeting will cover goals, milestones and general schedule. All science panel meetings
will be open to the public.

For more information on the Cruise Ship Program and on the science advisory panel
including panelist bios, go to: http://www.dec.state.ak.us/water/cruise_ships/index.htm.

To receive updates on the cruise ship program and science advisory panel, please sign up to the
DEC list serve at: http://jnumail17.state.ak.us/guest/RemoteListSummary/DEC_Cruise_Ship.
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