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Sitting Legislators Running for State Office Suspend Campaign Fundraising


Most candidates running for office can raise campaign funds year- round.  However, Alaska Statute 24.60.031 forbids sitting legislators and legislative employees from accepting campaign contributions or pledges for future contributions while the legislature is in session.  This law was enacted to ensure that a legislator’s vote could not be unduly influenced by campaign contributions.  This restriction does not apply to candidates that are employees of the executive branch, since they are in their offices every day of the year.

State Representative Jay Ramras publically thanks the many contributors that helped raise $162,000 in the first 91 days of his campaign.  Representative Ramras in compliance with Alaska state law suspended campaign fundraising prior to the start of session.  “I am so grateful to the 590 different contributors that have supported me so early in my campaign for Lieutenant Governor,” said Representative Ramras.”  I am looking forward to working hard for a productive session and will resume active campaign fundraising after the 2010 legislative session gavels out.”

Due to Alaska law sitting legislators and legislative employees cannot raise campaign funds for state or municipal office during the legislative session.

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