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Senator Stedman Introduces Bill to make Juneau Governor’s Duty Station


(JUNEAU) – Senator Bert Stedman, R-Sitka, today introduced Senate Bill 244, a bill that will clarify state law regarding the governor’s duty station and travel allowance.  Currently in statute, there are no provisions that require the governor to reside in the capital city and occupy the governor’s mansion during his or her term of office. 

The bill as introduced specifies that the governor’s duty station, defined as the location where the governor spends the major portion of time assigned to fulfill the duties of office, is considered to be Juneau.  

“Ever since the capital moved from Sitka, Juneau has been and always will be our state capital, and our governor should be headquartered here,” said Senator Stedman.

Senator Stedman’s proposed law does not prohibit the governor from maintaining a personal residence in another part of the state, but if he chooses to reside there and not in the Governor’s mansion, he will no longer be entitled to a travel allowance when away from the capital.

When asked to co-sponsor the legislation, Senator Dennis Egan (D-Juneau) readily agreed and offered his full support.  Noting that the governor has had a home in the capital city since Alaska’s early days as a Territory, Senator Egan said, “It’s nice driving down Calhoun Avenue and seeing the lights on in my old place again.” 

Senate Bill 244 was referred to the State Affairs and Judiciary Committees.

For more information, contact Senator Stedman or Darwin Peterson at 907-465-3873.


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