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Rep. Young Expresses Disgust Over Logjam Lawsuit


Washington, D.C. - Alaskan Congressman Don Young released the following statement Jan. 11 following the announcement that three environmental groups sued the Forest Service in Federal District Court in Anchorage today, challenging the Logjam timber sale project in Alaska's Tongass National Forest:

"The ink is barely dry on the final offering and already these groups are chomping at the bit to destroy production and prosperity," said Rep. Young.  "Over the last few decades I have watched the timber industry go from 15,000 jobs to nothing.  Big corporations are already gone, and now we are fighting over this minute timber sale which will keep a small family owned mill in business.  Unfortunately, as always seems to be the case with these extremists, fundraising goals come before the good of the people.  These groups are disgraceful and will stop at nothing to ensure that Alaska remains a playground for the wealthy.  

"This sale is already in a roaded area, lessening any environmental impact.  Additionally, the Alaska Forest Association offered to compromise on the area, and to find an agreement that would make all parties happy, but these groups are not interested in any sort of compromise, and not interested in the well-being of the local people.  Somehow these individuals have become indifferent to the best interests of their fellow man, and that's sad.  I will work to do whatever I can to ensure that this project continues on as intended, and to ensure that Alaskans are able to work, and provide for themselves and their families." 

The three groups - Tongass Conservation Society, Greenpeace, and Cascadia Wildlands - are asking the court to cancel the 3,422 acre timber project on Prince of Wales Island.  The U.S. Forest Service estimates that between 251-356 jobs would be provided over the life of the project.
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