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Have You Stopped Eating Potatoes?


January 6, 2010                          

(Anchorage, AK) – Franci Havemeister, Director of the Alaska Division of Agriculture is encouraging Alaskan’s to show their support for their neighbors this winter by purchasing Alaska Grown food items.  “Alaska Grown potatoes, carrots and milk are readily available in the grocery store, and with a bit more effort you can also access a wide variety of meats” says Director Havemeister.  The Director is particularly encouraging Alaskan’s to eat more Alaska Grown potatoes, as stocks are up and sales are down.

The Alaska Agricultural Statistics Service revealed in their December 1st “Alaska Potato Stocks” report that disappearance of Alaska Grown potatoes is slower this year than it was at this same time last year – meaning that growers are reporting more potatoes in their storage facilities.  Additionally, production this summer was higher than last year, resulting in larger quantities of potatoes to start.  Palmer area growers confirm the Agriculture Statistics information, reporting slow sales at the grocery stores.

The United States as a whole is seeing an increased supply of potatoes, resulting in retailers having the ability to be more selective about what potatoes they purchase.  As we all learned in basic economics, when supply is up, price is down.  As consumers you should be seeing favorable pricing at the grocery store – but please remember to support your Alaskan farmers by always choosing Alaska Grown products first.  Look for the familiar Alaska Grown logo and if you do not see it, be sure to ask the produce manager.

“Our inspectors report that the Alaska Grown potatoes on the market are of superior quality and there certainly isn’t an availability problem” reports Director Havemeister, “so remember to always choose Alaska Grown.”

For more information on how to source Alaska Grown products please contact Amy Pettit at Amy.Pettit@alaska.gov or 907-761-3864.


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